Johan's new e32

I'm sure a lot of you are curious as to how I am doing with my "blown headgasket" impulse buy. Well these days I'm getting short on time so I didn't take that many pictures during my "wrenching". I also have no idea where to place the repair as it's getting quite out of hand. What started as a "simple headgasket replacement ended up in an engine replacement...and more....well see for yourself:

1. The pickup

2. Cleaning and diagnosing the blown headgasket

It seems I CAN reach plug nr. 12 with my thin hands and a 3/8 ratchet. Without having to remove anything.

3. Removing the heads

One of many leaks on the the car.

The engine nicely sealed with duck tape waiting for the rebuild heads.

There was absolutly no sign of headgasket failure on the headgaskets. This made me uncomfortable. I would've prefered to find a compleatly ruined gasket.

4. Removing the engine

Well the rebuild idea was scrapped when a decent looking v12 engine kind of fell into my lap. But this meant having to remove the engine. Which wasn't such a bad idea as it was leaking from all possible places:

Since the upper torxbolts where stripped on the gearbox it had to come out in one piece. With the cylinderheads off, the engine can just clear the firewall with the gearbox attached.
Now you can clearly see the engine just had to come out because of all the oil leakages.

To be continued....

If you would like to add any comments, remarks and/or corrections to this procedure, feel free to email Mike Oswald and we'll put it on our si te. Share your experiences with us so others may benefit from it.