Dashboard Removal

Document history:
# 19 Apr 2003: rewrote whole procedure with more pictures and less text.
# 24 November 2003: Added "the easy way" to remove the main dashboard cover.


You want to remove the dash. Probably because you have some sort of problem with the heating system.

I have devided the removal of the dashboard into three steps:

  • Removing the gloveboxes and other lower dashpars.
  • Removing the center console.
  • Removing the upper cover of.

    Gloveboxes and lower dash:

    Passengerside glove box

    Let's start off by removing the passenger side glovebox:

    The glovebox torch wiring can be taken off after removingin the clips on the side of the glovebox. In my case the wiring was also taped to the glovebox absorber. The socket itself is clipped in from both sides:

    On the back of the glove box there is a cover. This can just be pulled off.

    The front side the box is connected to the absorber and a strap. The absorber has a spring clip and the strap has a clip similair to clips used to hold the AFM in place.

    The back has two mounting points around a metal rod that can be pryed open.

    If you look closely at the picture you'll see that the rightside opens from the top and the left side opens from the bottom.

    Driver side glovebox

    Now we have the first part in the boot of the car let's undo the second part: the driverside glovebox along with the trim panel between the steering column and the center console that it's attached to.

    First we'll remove the strap holding the glovebox. Pry at the back of the strap to get it out:

    Of the right side there is a "hidden screw" in the trim panel...

    on the bottom there are two plastic nuts...

    and the right side has a philips screw...

    If you remove all these you should be able to pull the panel with the glovebox still attached to it out of the car. The footwell vents will come along with the panel so if you need more room on the rightside remove the plastic insert in the steering column. And be sure to remove the wiring to the gong.

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