Dogbone / Rear Axle Pitman Arm Replacement

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# 23 December 2007 Initial version

Problem: The rear of the car seems to "self steer". This is especially noticable going over speedbumps at "speed". It's sort of like the wobbly feeling you get from the steering with worn beercan bushings, just a bit less. After replacing the beercan bushings, rear stabilizer links+mounting rubbers, LAD accumulators, and the rear LAD shocks I was getting desperate.

Let's get to work: Let's start by raising the car. As far as I know you can replace the arms with the wheels on or off the car. Since my cousin just got a new toy (also known as a lift) I was fortunate enough the raise the car with four wheels "on the ground"

Here is the assumed to be deffective part. It looks like the orignal that was on when the car left the factory. Knowning the cheapass previous owners of my car (coincidentally I'm owner 7 of this 7-series) it probably is:

The arms are held in place with two big bolts. The ones on the inside have a nut on the top, the ones on the outside are screwed into the subframe. And they are screwed TIGHT. So I used an extention pipe on my 22 socket and breaker bar to undo the big bolts:

As the inside also has a nut on the top I used a spanner to hold the top part in place while applying lots of force to the bolt:

By using the the big pipe as and extention they actually came out quite easily:

The old arm showed signs of wear, but it wasn't a part that needed to be replaced for the annual safety check we have in Holland (APK). Never the less it needed to be replaced in my (humble as ever) opinion:

The old part and the new part side by side. I'm sure you can guess which is which:

After loosly putting in the bolts I torqued them to 120Nm. This put them in place quite snugly:

Total amount of time: Thanks to the lift it only took me 10 minutes per side

Skills needed/difficulty level : Novice with an attitude

Total amount of parts and costs : These babies cost about 80 euro/piece from the BMW dealer. I like buying my parts original from the dealer, but sometimes the price difference is just too big without the quality suffering. As I have some good experiance (>10 000km) with the Meyle track rods on my car I decided to get the matching dogbones at 25% of the dealer price from ebay.

Satisfactory level after the job done : Excellent! The rear finally stopped "self steering" my 750i finally handles the same or better then I'm used from my former 735i

Story by Johan.

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