BMW E32 - Doorlock Bracket

Doorlock Bracket

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# 16 Nov 2003: Added pictures from Sean's doorlock
# 16 Feb 2003: Added the remak from MikeNL on lubricating the lock

Problem: The locking pin of the door won't come all the way up. You have to pull the pin up the last bit to unlock the door. This could be caused by a broken bracket on the doorlock assembly. If you have recently removed the door panel it could also be that the rod connecting the pin to the lock is bent so there is too much resistance for the servo to push the pin up.

Models: All E32s and E34s since they both have the same locking mechanism.

Fixing it: The best way to fix the doorlock is to get a used lock assembly and replace the lock cylinder with your own so one key still fits all locks. But since I'm both unpatient and cheap I deceided to fix the bracket by riveting a small metal plate over the fracture.

You have to remove the doorlock to properly fix the plate over the fracture. See the Doorlock microswitch page on how to remove the lock assembly. Then make a small plate that can go over the fracture. Drill two holes in the lock assembly and plate. Then rivit or bolt it all together.

Update:I was contacted by MikeNL who sugested lubricating the lock. The reason the bracket seems to break is a lack of lubrication in the lock.

Sean recently had the same problem with his doorlock. As the donor lock was also starting to crack he reinforced the bracket to keep it from breaking. Sean made a more rugid construction then I did by reinforcing the bracket on both sides.

When replacing the bracket you must use your original lock cylinder to be able to open all doors with one key.

Story by Johan735.

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