BMW E32 Fuse Box

Fuse- and E-box Overview

The layout for the fusebox is for my 1987 model 735i. Apearently this is valid from 10/86 to 09/87. There have been many changes in the electronics of the E32 during production so there are also various fusebox lay-outs. The same goes for the e-box.


17.5Windschieldwipers, Gasoline heater, Instrumentcluster
27.5Low-beam light, High-beam light
37.5Lichthupe, Front Foglights, Rear foglights
47.5Left Parklight
510Right Parklight, Lighting of controls, Licenceplate light
67.5Warning indicators
715Front foglight
87.5Rear foglight
915Horn, Washerpump, Front window heating, Aircon compressor
107.5Left Low-beam
117.5Right Low-beam
1215Electrical mirrors, Reversing lights, Window wash nozzle heating
137.5Left High-beam
147.5Right High-beam
157.5Brakelights, Cruisecontrol
1630Front seatheating
177.5Instrumentcluster, Automaticgearbox, Anti-theft alarm
1815Radio, Phone, Anti-theft alarm, Electric frontseats
207.5Instrumentcluster, Heating
2115Interiour lighting, gloveboxlight, bootlights, radio, socket for flashlight
2230Windscreenwasher system
237.5Fuelpump I
247.5Fuelpump II
2730Rear electric seats
297.5Aircon compressor, washpump, ABS, rearwindow heating, auto dimming mirror, rideheight adjustment
307.5Central locking drivers door
317.5Central locking other doors and boot
3215Automatic seatbelt release
337.5Climate control

Relay's: (from top left to bottom right)
1 Starter relay
2 OBC Horn
3 Terminal R?
4 Blowermotor
5 Windschield washer pump
6 Head and fog-light cleaning module
7 LKM Parking light
8 Aux defoger, aux coolantpump
9 Terminal 15
10 ABS Voltage relay

Modules: (from top to bottom)
Checkcontrol Unit
Light control module


The ebox is located on the other side of the engine bay. The box is closed with four screws.

It contains (from left to right):

The Motronic computer or DME
The cruise control unit
The fuelpump (orange) and DME main (white) relays
The ABS computer

Story by Johan

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