IR locking components pinout

X262 - Control unit
pin nr.colourFunctionConnected to
03RT/SWSystem power - F31 RPD*Battery
04BR/ORGroundChasis ground
05GN/RTSystem disable - F17 FPD* (HOT in RUN/START)x255 GN/RT
08VI/WSSystem initialize - F51 RPD* (HOT in ACC/RUN/START)VI/WS wire**
09BR/RT/WSreceiver connectionx323 BR/RT/WS receiver
10BR/GN/WSreceiver connectionx323 BR/GN/WS receiver
11BL/SW/WSLED: INIT-Sx514 BL/SW/WS programmer LED
12WS/GEDiag link--unused--
17WS/RT/GElock signalx255 WS/RT/GE
18BL/RT/GEunlock/antitheft disarmx255 BL/RT/GE
19BL/GR/WSAntitheft ARM signal--unused--
20BR/RT/GEInterior lights activationx255 BR/RT/GE
21BL/BR/GEunlock/Antitheft DISARM--unused--
23BL/VI/WSreceiverx323 BL/VI/WS
25WS/VIDiag link--unused--

x255 is the yellow connector on the GM, x323 is the IR recevier's connector and x514 belongs to the LED.
*) FPD = front power distribution box, RPD = rearpower distribution box
**) The schematics spoke of a VI/RT wire but it was VI/WS on my car and on the car the plug came out of. I found a VI/WS wire running to an unknown connector next to the RM. I checked the wire with my multimeter and it had +12v on it in ACC/RUN/START. So that had to be the right one.

X514 - LED/IR programmer
Pin nrColourFunction/Connection
5GR/SW/GE--unused-- (DWA led gnd)
X323 - Receiver
1BL/GN/WSIR: pin 10
2BL/VI/WSIR: pin 23
3BR/RT/WSIR: pin 9