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8 July 2017 - M.Oswald: Developed a new online OEM catalog. Check it out!
8 July 2017 - M.Oswald: Rescued Bill Rickard's DIY for repairing seat switches
8 Jan 2017 - M.Oswald: ZF service manual for 4HP22 and 4HP24 automatic transmissions.
8 Jan 2017 - M.Oswald: BMW metric bolt torque specification manual.
07 January 2017 - M.Oswald: Gary Kollofski's Twin BMW M73b54 Engines in W24 Hot Rod Madness!.
18 March 2016 - M.Oswald: Salvaged G.Bower's 750il/850i M70 Throttle Body Reconditioning process - (EML issues).
26 November 2015 - M.Oswald: Updated Sean's fuel filter replacement page.
14 October 2014 - M.Oswald: Added Maxf's Brake Booster Vacuum Retrofit
14 October 2014 - M.Oswald: Added Maxf's Lighting Relay Repair
14 October 2014 - M.Oswald: Added Maxf's H31 Brake Booster Break Down
22 September 2014 - M.Oswald: Added a Bosch Injector rebuild DIY
19 September 2014 - M.Oswald: Added a free classified / for sale page. Check it out!
23 July 2014 - M.Oswald: Added Johan's soft closing trunk retrofit.
15 Mar 2014 - M.Oswald: Added Bill Rickard's steering wheel removal process.
1 Nov 2013 - M.Oswald: Added a spark plug reference chart.
1 Nov 2013 - M.Oswald: Auto Trans Fluid chart.
13 Oct 2013 - M.Oswald: Re-located the v12 manual.
31 Oct 2012 - M.Oswald: Posted the 1988 e32 Owners Manual
31 Oct 2012 - M.Oswald: Posted the 1992 e32 Owners Manual (Includes 740i)
27 June 2012 - M.Oswald: Installed Varnish caching-proxy server in order to speed things up. Install successful. Life is good.
27 June 2012 - M.Oswald: Posted a ZF4HP22 Automatic transmission rebuild page.
10 Jan 2009 - Updated Main e32 links (no new links added (yet))
10 Jan 2009 - Added "Microfilter replacement (e34) by Tonic Kosec
26 Dec 2007 - Added "Dogbone" / Rear axle pitman arm replacement
11 Jan 2007 - Added Climate Control LED replacement
1 July 2007 - Added fusebox rebuild
4 Jan 2007 - Added EML control light fix

1 Nov 2006 - Added Keyless entry retrofit instrucions from Ivo
16 Oct 2006 - How is Johan getting on with his "new" 750i?
13 Aug 2006 - Added Replacing the OBC bulbs (Fixes -> Electronics)
26 June 2006 - Added front rotor replacment (Fixes -> Brakes)
25 June 2006 - Added alternator replacement (v12) (Fixes -> Engine)
20 Jan 2006 - Moved the website to it's new home http://bmwe32.masscom.net thanks to Mike Oswald

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This site is dedicated to all models of the the BMW E32 7 series produced between 1986-1994.

We are Johan (1991 750i), Sean (1988 750i), and Mike Oswald (1989 735il). We are completing many repairs and upgrades while documenting them on this site. If you can't find a repair procedure or information on a particular upgrade, check out the
links section. In this section. we list an overview of other sites and their available repair procedures for the E32 (along with other interesting links).

If you have any technical questions about the e32, or if you have a write-up or solution you would like to share, please email them to Mike Oswald. This way everyone benefits from others who may have experienced similair problems.

The illustrations and instructions contained in these pages reflect personal experiences in maintaning a BMW e32. The information is illustrative in nature, is not intended to be expert advice regarding maintenance or repair, and is not intended to be relied upon. By accessing this information you specifically agree to use it at your own risk. You also agree that I will not -- and cannot -- be held liable for damages relating to the creation, provision, or maintenance of this information in any way whatsoever. You should always consult a proper technical manual prior to performing any type of automotive maintenance or service. If you are not experienced in the maintenance of automobiles, please take your car to a professional mechanic. ALWAYS PUT SAFETY FIRST

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