The " I'm locked out, it's just a doorstop!" Page

You're locked out and the door lock doesn't work right, huh?

Usually there's a flat battery too, so there's no power-unlock to the doors from ANYWHERE - boot, alarm... It's catch-22, you can't get the bonnet up to jumpstart without opening the doors without jumpstarting the power without getting the bonnet up...

The main golden rule: don't panic - there are options.

The classic, approved method is this:

If this doesn't work, the other alternatives are based around applying 12v to power-up the locks temporarily. Remember, if you locked up with the "deadlock" feature (you turned the key to 90 degrees on locking, the doors click twice), then
  1. all the other doors are in deadlock "ignore the pin" mode - so trying to lift a pin through a window won't work
  2. the trunk will unlock with a key, but it won't unlock the rest of the car, even if the battery is providing power.
If you cannot get the emergency unlock procedure to work, then it is possible to open the hood with minimal damage, so you can at least get a jump-start battery to the jump-start post to  power-up the locks (see my Jumpstart Procedure page for details on how to connect up the battery).

To do this:

This may scratch the paint a little on the top of the radiator mounting plate, some vaseline should waterproof it again. Beware your alarm going off on the hood "intrusion", too.

In all cases it's up to you to get the RIGHT battery polarity, and work out if the effort/damage/ risk is worth it. Your car, your call.

After any work.... REMEMBER TO CHECK THE DOOR LOCKS AGAIN AFTER A MANUAL OPEN... you want your car secure, right?

You can also lock up this way by turning the key to the REAR of the car 90 degrees if you've lost battery.

Deadlocking / resynch problems

The problem with a manually opened lock is that sometimes they refuse to re-lock... they are stuck in manual override mode, and won't re-lock under central-locking with the rest of the car. The steps I've followed to sort this out on my 735 (opened passenger door on override) were to

This then had the passengers' door operating as usual and locking/unlocking with the rest of the car. A similar problem can happen with the trunk lock from memory - I think it's a variant of the main locks, and it can control the central locking (but not the deadlock feature) too...