BMW Seat Switch Repair

Writeup by Bill Rickard

Edited by: Mike Oswald

If you're having problems with a seat switch that won't work in one or more
directions then this page may be of some help.

First thing to do is to remove the switch.

Then, carefully pull the control buttons straight back to remove them, sometimes you can use a flat putty
knife or dinner knife to pry them off. Then you'll find a philips screw that you remove.

Next you'll need a Torx T25 driver or socket to remove the 2 screws pictured.

After that you can remove the plastic panel and remove the switch from its socket.

Next, carefully disconnect the wiring harness from the switch.
Now that you have the switch out take some bread wrapper ties or wire and wrap around the switch knobs as pictured.

Twist it tight and push them down to the base of the switch so they will hold these in when you take the switch apart.
This will keep some of the springs from falling out.

Next thing is to open up the switch:

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