Twin BMW M73b54 Engines in W24 Hot Rod Madness!

Story by: Dale Pelvit and Gary Kollofski

Edited by: Mike Oswald


The car had a straight roof, the A and B pillars were sound, and the trunk and hood were usable. We had what was left of the body sandblasted and primed.
Gary then bought new front fenders, rocker panels, rear quarters, and a pair of nice original doors were also located.

The BMW V12 '57 would need to be kept virtually stock in regard to its outward appearance (as per Gary's concept for that build). Going into the '57 project,
I was allowed considerable latitude in the design.

We chose to build a Pro Street style car along the general concept of his original 1970's '55 – but updated to suit the new century. Big tires on the back,
small tires on the front and an overabundant power plant is the basic premise of such a build.

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