Twin BMW M73b54 Engines in W24 Hot Rod Madness!

Story by: Dale Pelvit and Gary Kollofski

Edited by: Mike Oswald


At the rear of the gearbox is a mounting flange that accepts a Chevrolet bell housing, Also at the rear is the
output flange that mimics the back end of a Chevrolet crankshaft. Thus configured, the back of the W24 will
accept any Chevrolet V-8 manual bell housing or automatic transmission. This build will use a beefed up 700R4
provided by Bendtsen's Transmissions, and a Mesiere high torque starter mounted between the oil plans to handle
starting requirements.

While engine length was far less of an issue than it had been with the '55 BMW powered car, joining the two BMW v12s
resulted in a package that is 40 inches wide. Since we were building a custom tube chassis, a solution to finding
room for the front suspension was at hand.

The firewall was moved back eight inches and the front suspension was relocated eight inches forward. This allowed the
a-arms to be mounted in front of the engine,
rather than alongside.The rear wheels were also moved ahead eight inches,
leaving the wheelbase stock, just shoved ahead a bit.

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