Twin BMW M73b54 Engines in W24 Hot Rod Madness!

Story by: Dale Pelvit and Gary Kollofski

Edited by: Mike Oswald


The BMW M73B54 engines came with what was state of the art, leading edge fuel injection and engine control systems at the
time they were built. However, the nature of the build required a more traditional hot rod style induction system. We eliminated the
factory fuel injection and built custom intake manifolds to mount a pair of 450 cfm Holley 4 barrel carburetors:

In order to avoid attempting to get the stock electronic engine control systems to function out of their natural environment,
electromotive crank trigger coil pack ignition systems were fitted. The control boxes are mounted to the intake manifolds and cooled
by fans built into the air cleaner housings. These engines originally had distributors and custom covers were milled to replace them.

Thermostat housings were made to mount to the coolant outlets and a custom dual side-by-side radiator was built to our
specifications by Saldana Racing. A pair of 16 inch electric fans actuated by a Flex-A-Lite fan controller are mounted to the radiator.

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