After this, the timing case covers could be installed. The lower back timing case cover is already installed, ready to install the waterpump, and the upper back timing case cover is installed. Notice the gaskets to seal the front upper and lower case covers:

The gaskets are actually fitting like a jigsaw piece into each other. Now why is this? Because now you can R&R the timing chain without pulling the chain apart (or the gasket):

These are the gaskets between the front upper and lower timing case covers and back upper and lower covers:

Installing the timing chain tensioner:

To adjust the timing, you must first lock the crankshaft at TDC. After that you lock the camshafts using a special tool (oil spraying bar removed for better understanding):

Tighten the cam sprockers just finger tight (notice the slotted holes):

Measuring and adjusting the timing chain slack by turning the timing chain tensioner:

After this, tighten the cam sprocket bolts. First the left, than the right. Cor: 'it looks like an easy job but it surely wasn't. After turning the engine by hand for several times, the timing adjustment was again incorrect so I had do this over and over again until the timing was right.'

This is a truly magnificent picture. All timing case covers installed, valve covers installed, nice and shiny alloy:

Upper oil pan installed and crankshaft hub installed, notice the crankshaft sensors:

Remember Cor used the old intake gaskets? He did used some sealant between the gaskets and intake manifolds (and used some on new gaskets):

Installing the manifolds, looks like a piece of art eh?:

Installing the throttle bodies:

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