Cor decided also to clean the transmission, replacing the filter and seals:

Removal of the bell housing:

Replacing the filter:

Bead blasting and finishing the oil pan:

Replacing the front seal:

Rear flange:

Prying out the locking plate:

After removal of the bolt, the flange slides off:

Inspection of the surface:

Installing the new seal, with some sealant between the seal and the housing:

New locking plate:

And one completed transmission, ready to bolt to the engine:

The completed engine, ready to bolt into the cobra:

The driveshaft is shortened to fit into the cobra. Total length must be 351mm. The diff of the 750 is reused:

And the marriage:

Cor about bolting the BMW V12 into the Cobra: 'the v12 hardly fits under the hood. The v12 is high, very high. Much higher as the plain american 90 degree V8. I figured I would have lots of space underneath the hood, but that was a mistake. The engine is located behind the front axle (remark from Sean: that is good, excellent weight distribution). The radiator of the 750 was way to large and didn't fit so I had to remove parts of the chassis of the cobra and welded parts of the 750 for the mounting points in place. There is now actually 10cm clearance between bottom of rad and road. And just 5mm between top of rad and the hood. Still the hood can't close fully, with a minor change it should close. This is just one example of the problems I ran into. To fit the rear diff, I had to cut the chassis and re-enforce it again. The drive axle's also don't fit without major modifications.

It's gonna be a hell of a job and I try to solve all the problems one by one. And yes, I have patience and time.'

Cor, again thank you very much for the explanation and photo's. Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

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Comments and photo's by Cor Verlinde. Story by Sean750.